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HPI Sprint 2 on RC4WD Predator Evo Tracks
Hey DM wanted to share this small project. I actually went to serveral forums and searched for details on parts, and if this was even possible on an HPI Sprint 2 .. didn't see anything helpful so i just went ahead with my plans. Picked up the HPI WR8 fitting kit and Predator Evo tracks from RC4WD, some new bearings from the LHS and plugged them into my rc drifter

[Image: 0wgpxkI.jpg]

[Image: 9aTsuQN.jpg]
[Image: m503hUq.jpg]
[Image: vz4be56.jpg]

[Image: ipklma8.jpg]

short vid:

i didn't lift it properly and all that crunching is the body rubbing on the treads. Also, couldn't steer due to friction on the kitchen surface and inappropriate chassis+servo. This is by all means a temporary thing as i wait for backordered fitting parts for my SCX10 to come in (the treads are originally for my crawler) and i think overextended use of the treads will put a huge load strain on the sprint2 belts, possibly snapping them.

plenty of lulz.
cool as hell. i want it!
ta03r 1.7%
ta03fs 1.8%
Sweet project, take it off any sweet jumps?  - Seattle's scale drift club
RWD yoko dori pake -=- RWD SJ ota-r31 -=- 50:50 SJ ota-r31 (club loaner car)
+ 2wd Slash, 4x4 Slash, e-Maxx, Subaru Brat scaler, mRS4, broken quads and a bunch of spares
Some people are just that awesome amount of insane..

Thats cool!
Who makes that body????????

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does it drift? may not, but very very cool, would fit perfectly on a kenblock sti snowmobile edition
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Awesome! What a beast!

Love that bmw shell, couldn't like it enough on Instagram!!
I saw you at sheldons with those tracks on another truck. AWESOME. I'm the green/pink/black GT86
I really like !
Wow! I'm impressed! :o
[Image: RGFactoryTeam_zps708bc482.png] <--- Click here!! [Image: bluedomokundance.gif]

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