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Hpi sprint 2 sport
I just finished pulling apart my hpi drift car I wanted to use my pearl white paint on the chassis and upper deck came out nice now gonna start building it up any body know how to make a beat up style body going with the ae 86 body with accessories from demi works really want to know how to make scale rust seen it on another site any ideas[/php]

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Just pulled off the back diff getting ready for my parts so I can put it back together

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What parts do you have coming for the rear end? And as far as creating a rust effect ive seen a few methods like using salt and hair spray. Heres a little how to video

I like the white chassis man. Looks good btw
Like the chassis color.
HPI Sprint 2-50/50 HB TC-FD 1.54 CS
For the back I am just gonna freeze it up with some body clips

Whelk my parts are in the mail will be here by the 13 the need them here now.
(12-05-2013, 12:28 PM)DualJames1234 Wrote:  For the back I am just gonna freeze it up with some body clips

Whelk my parts are in the mail will be here by the 13 the need them here now.

I did a ton of work to my S2 its completely custom at this point. If you need any help let me know I can help you out!
[Image: IMG_20131205_114757278_zpseaef988f.jpg]
Thanks Mitch will do
(12-06-2013, 10:18 AM)DualJames1234 Wrote:  Thanks Mitch will do

Oh and just so you know its set up with alot more steering throw and its at a 2.48 CS ratio. Everything was custom and at this point I pretty much know the S2 inside and out. My pulleys from front to rear are 39/12/20/27 and the 39 and 27 had to be modified to fit. I have the front one way, and a locked rear diff that I used the ball diff pieces to make it work. Stock spur and pinion but I had to switch the front belt with one for the TA05? I'm running the LRP Spin ESC and, SR300 RX, and a Speed Passion 17.5T Sensored Motor. For the rear lock I'd recommend using some shrink tubing around the small two gears and shrunk it works pretty much perfect and you can remove it easily is necessary.
So I saw a video on YouTube where he placed body clips to can I do that. because I don't have any shrink tubing
Are you talking about locking up the rear diff?

Best thing to do is open the diff and hot glue the gears together. Simple as that. You could even fill the diff with hot glue. Hot glue is reversable if you decide to dont want a locked diff.

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