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HPI Subie
Hey guys-
While building my stepside Chevy for more of a for-show body I wanted to do up a Subaru STI for everyday bashing and running.
I started with the HPI Prova Subaru STI in 200mm. I wanted a classic look so i chose Spaz Stix candy blue and backed it with silver to make it pop... Boy did it! In the sun or good light the color is much more brilliant than the pictures show.
Here we go- pics incoming!
[Image: 387fcb234fbef78eb2f910961c734e0a.jpg]
[Image: b04d583fd0f480926896c1b10ef92a60.jpg]
[Image: 484e615f4a5f8fff3a36ab9610a216b9.jpg]
[Image: cc3cf6291a08b2ff807d8608d99ba07d.jpg]
[Image: 08611aada3775fae99658180d0b710e5.jpg]
[Image: 4fb89bec97b275b8eeee4c65f4da85e7.jpg]
I built a roll cage- this is my second one and far from perfect, but i think it looks pretty cool
[Image: 8adb2f4a50e931c020f157a47527b233.jpg]
[Image: 2d3555e0d792f6c8b6e6bd15ef9ec025.jpg]
[Image: 6ba1a8c006ea2fd0cadac50c55b89188.jpg]

That's what i have so far... I'd like to figure out some rear light buckets, but i dont know if i have the skill to make some from scratch.
Does anyone make them?

Anyway, let me know what you think!

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Oh and i used Xspede stealth mounts on the front to leave the hood clean, and holy crap they are strong!

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[Image: 58096cc4ed51768a09df7e26703b681d.jpg]
[Image: 9029504b9613e63a6e4b26e1ffbb9240.jpg]
[Image: 439ddd82dd0d38839bca21dfc10ee0ed.jpg]
[Image: 3bf335a6f1252fabe0f322ab0f908b90.jpg]
This last one really shows the color well..

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looks good man, just need some wider wheels to fill those fenders. i owned a real one of these and slammed it. so im a big fan haha
Lol yes i definitely need some wider wheels. These are +6 so i need at least +10 in the rear

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Im running 9mm all the way around on my subi, on my D4[Image: f5f148505b909916bc793ce6b1fadb7c.jpg][Image: d260cd8075da13f88440fe438187628b.jpg][Image: 0536f07155f876e904c8578c219fd895.jpg]

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Like the work on the roll cage, looks good.
Thanks man. Was my first go around.. Some bends kinda folded, but they are hidden pretty well

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