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I've been meaning to post up my bodies for a while. Here they are
[Image: 3a3yjaju.jpg][Image: u4ypyne5.jpg][Image: yzaqutuh.jpg][Image: upynuzed.jpg][Image: ymy8e7ys.jpg][Image: edy6y6y3.jpg][Image: rega6e4e.jpg][Image: amumeseg.jpg][Image: udaqeset.jpg][Image: 3atyzysu.jpg][Image: yhegybys.jpg]

The pictures are not in the order that they were made. My first body was the Chevy with the logos on the side. It's gotten a little out there

The next one was the 15 and the isf. They both had the same spirit.

The last one was the storm trooper Chevy.

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Love the truck bodies
(12-26-2013, 10:41 AM)fullmetalgrave Wrote:  Love the truck bodies

Thanks, I wanted to have something different. Plus my 1:1 is an S10. Unfortunately no one makes it.. so these silverados were the next best thing

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