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Is it bad to paint an rc body with normal spray paint?
Yeah just wondering if it's ok to spray paint a body with normal spray paint rc lexan bodies. Not the whole thing just some patch work.
If you are not going to drive with that bodyshell this might be ok, but if you intend to run it use lexan paint and nothing else! - The lexan paint stays flexible on the body after drying, so it flexes with the body on crashes. Other paint will just chip off.

So unless you don ´t mind clear holes in your paintjob after a few runs, only use paint recommended for rc bodies.
its ok if your just doing small areas like lenses or something. alot of people use ts paint for those since the ps clear colors arnt very crystal. also with the lack of ps flat clear using ts flat clear is the next option which holds up ok i guess on the outside for small areas like window trim or whatever. i wouldnt blast the whole body with it though. and definetly dont use ts paint to paint a whole body from the inside.
dont do it
[Image: 222_zpsccdcf383.jpg]

Here For the love of RC Drifting
Thanks for the replies. Yeah I didn't know about ts/ps and accidentally got ts so a lot of paint had chipped off :( gonna turn my s15 into a ratmobile haha

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