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Is the forum dead ?
I'm in the bay area northern cali and it's been getting bigger here... a sorta new track was built at Fatlace In San Mateo which I go to a lot and a new one will be opening up in San Jose, ca.. we still have Sheldons hobbies also in San Jose and sometimes there's events at delta out in Antioch that my dad helped get the word out about drift days on their on road track which is nice to drift on
I for sure will hit up SuperG track im hearing lots of good stuff from them. Fatlace is becoming big looks like drift rc is slowly coming back.
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Since the start of 2016, I'm seeing more and more people joining the drifting scene. The more we educate and help out fellow newbies, the faster the scene will get.

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I still enjoy forums, this one has taught me quite a bit. Truth is facebook and instagram are just easier BUT you don't quite get that old school feel from them like you do a forum. Sadly this is a 90's era tech that is slowly going the route of the home phone.

As long as this one is here I'll be posting.
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With the growth of social media, the forum medium is starting to decline slightly. Social media updates very quickly and continuously which is both good and bad. Nothing stays long enough and something new always eclipses the minute old content. Great for generation of new ideas, but lacks history and details most require for their education or progression in the hobby.

With that said Forums do have a place, especially for historical archives and detail driven data sources. Many start on forums as lurkers to get their learn on, eventually if they are passionate enough they contribute to help build a bigger and better community. Forums are a bit old school, but like all good things, they have a place... at least for now until technology evolves and produces another medium for this level of interaction and sharing.

We have seen many forums come and go in our short time in this hobby. Many successful forums are now gone and so is the data generated from them, which is a huge loss for the community! But the aim of this forum is to keep it here for as long as possible so long as people are using it. This space is user generated, so content is yours to share and contribute to. We encourage people to use it, and hopefully this can one day be a medium for new content as well as a historic record for the RC Drift Scene.

Just my 2 cents :)
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Facebook killed the BBS star.

All joking aside, I think it's more of a down season as most people just bought a bunch of stuff for Christmas and are now recovering from that. Also, as somebody previously said, it's not exactly painting season so there's been a drop in that as well.

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Well im still here. I admit I havent posted much. Ive been dealing with life issues like unemployment,again, and finding a new home for my family. Meanwhile, all my rc stuff sits in a climate controlled storage. Last project was my 180 and my mst fxx. I got maybe 1hr of play. Its a bit hard to enjoy while dealing with the struggles of life. But as soon as I get it together, its going down. I love this forum. Its the only social anything I do. I dont facebook, instawho, or any of the other b.s. im not downing any one or anything, it just aint my style. Like the term, "SWAG", lol. Let me just say... "Real men have class!"

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