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Issues with Banzaihobby
I'm really frustrated with one of my favorite places to get parts right now. I tried to order parts on the 12th and the next day I get a message an item on my list which is a set of rc art wheels are out of stock. I chose the option to get a replacement item and messaged a few questions. No reply ever from that message, so I went ahead and ordered another set of rims and wrote as an instruction to replace the out of stock item on my first order so I can get refunded later on paypal. Next day that item is also out of stock. I'm getting frustrated and messaged their customer support and through email. I asked if certain items are really in stock and I will use that as replacement and what not. Also asked if their is a way for me to not keep ordering another item to replace so I don't have to keep paying and worry about refund. No reply from any until I emailed and they responded they will send my issue to their warehouse facility and to this day I've been trying to get a hold of them. I'm just wanting a complete refund now since their customer service has been really poor to me. I already messaged them today of my frustrations and just wanting a full refund and stop the orders and yet no reply. I've probably sent like 5-6 messages and only 1 reply from the span of 1 week almost.

I had an issue from broadtech giving me a wrong item and within minutes I had customer service replied to me on what to do. Proved it was wrong item and got the right item from them for free after a few days. I wish other places had great customer support like them.

So have any of you had issues with Banzai and how did it turn out cause if I don't get this settle by them soon I'll probably dispute them through paypal
I had the problem once with Banzai. Not sure what was up, probably just too busy. I put in a dispute with Paypal and after waiting untill a day before the deadline I made a claim. Got my refund in the end.
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I guess they can't be perfect everytime. I don't know what took them so long, I guess they finally read my messages and provided a solution. I'm getting my items and they replaced on both orders that is out of stock some topline mars n wheels. I'm happy, but after this delay of their service, I may choose other places first. Knowing parts availability and prices, sadly I will most likely end up ordering from them again. =S
I have found this to be a problem with Banzai too! Every order i have placed something is out of stock. I have ordered thru them 10+ times and it never fails... the one thing I really need is out of stock. I usually e-mail back and forth with them about what part to exchange the out of stock item. Sometimes I can't get the part I really need and have to pay a second shipping charge with another vendor. I hate paying for shipping!!! Usually thos Banzai CS is pretty good about helping you out or trying to restock the out of stock item before your order goes out. This can delay your order a week or two sometimes tho.

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i haven't had any real issues with banzai in the 2+ years i've been dealing with them other than some parts that i've ordered being out of stock
I guess this is kinda common for them to have items out of stock. Usually I buy 1-3 parts off them, but this time it was a list of parts. Atleast they do resolve your issues even though it takes time. It was my first time handling an issue with them and I thought I was screwed over cause it took them so long to respond. Atleast this our experiences will help others who encounter similar issues in the future.
I only experience once with Banzai, for shipping matter their quite fast, but anything related about asking a question is slow. I just hope they will give option on tax invoice, which is my item was held by customs because of over 150usd...

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