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Jay's Sakura D3 Carbon Fibre CS thingy
Hi Guys... my first CS drift chassis arrived.......I checked about 10 random screws and yep, none of them have threadlock on the so I will need to apply that to each screw that goes into metal lol ;p

I found my first problem with the motor I bought lol... I wanted a simple plug n play system... got a Cheetah 13.5T sensored motor/esc combo off Ebay..... but it ain't plug n play for this D3 :(
I need to re-solder the motor connectors as they impede on the front bulkhead.... and I need to buy a longer sensor wire as the supplied one is too short (supplied is like 12.5cm and I reckon I need atleast 20cm, maybe 25cm worth)

The pics can explain what I mean.....

[Image: yHkKQq4.jpg]

[Image: UmpUH4U.jpg]

[Image: SHkZnlB.jpg]

[Image: faPh53x.jpg]

[Image: DUNv9tm.jpg]

[Image: JDjGY4f.jpg]

[Image: IDW8ePn.jpg]

[Image: SeQbSdt.jpg]
Sakura D3
So installing the electrics took a lil while... Soldered the motor wires correctly now and the length is fine, still waiting on the sensor cable.
Fitted my orange GR300 receiver and paired to my Spektrum DX3C ok, set throttle calibration ok, just need fit a pinion and secure the RX in place.
The motor spins even without the sensor cable so I could use it like this in sensor less mode.. Just can't find where I put that 18t pinion!
I found a esc light mounting kit, chucked it on for a laugh.. Photo to follow.

I'm not sure how to go about positioning the antenna, nothing was supplied so that's the next task... I don't want it getting caught near the belts.. Any ideas?
The FOW hasn't been fitted yet, I want to drive it first to be able to tell the difference once it's fitted and see if I like it or not.
Sakura D3
[Image: zVdNj2U.jpg]
[Image: jbz39S1.jpg]
[Image: Fz8fffV.jpg]
[Image: KeWGjvW.jpg]
[Image: oCZgY0o.jpg]
[Image: covTfxp.jpg]
[Image: PaZ0FmB.jpg]
[Image: u6cDG3j.jpg]
[Image: UBfHlBS.jpg]
[Image: 3zZ3w8g.jpg]
[Image: ZkfV3ow.jpg]
Sakura D3
Looking great! I purchased a longer sensor cable
lol yeah that motor esc combo kit wasn't plug n play at all :)
Sakura D3
That spur gear is a thing of beauty.

Mine just looks so... lel, haha.

.jpg   cut bumper.jpg (Size: 264.1 KB / Downloads: 33)
Love the blue
Yeah love the blue too Chickenman!
Chicken man what set up you running with regards to motor turns and pinion used?
Also.. dude... where did you get those silver looking rod arms at the top of the front hubs?
Sakura D3
They might be white? I would love to know where you got the blue parts from?
Ahh I see them........

Rainbow effect available..... easy way to spend more money right there!
Sakura D3

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