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Just Wondering

I'm kinda new to drifting, I'm planning to get a chassis and I really don't know which would I get , would it be a RWD or a AWD, which among this 2 would be budget friendly for someone who is starting with the hobby and Is it ok to use a 9 channel RC transmitter  used for RC Airplanes drifting to accomodate the add ons later on.

Finally I would want to ask a question that I have been wondering for quite sometime since I started this new hobby and craft , Why is it that most competition drifters or someone who has been in the hobby for quite sometime, How come I seldom see some competition RC hatchback body shells? Everything I saw were either long squarish RC bodies or not any RC body that has a long trunk style of RC body shell.

I just want to know since Im just starting with the hobby, Thanks guys  ^^
Hi :)

I've been reading on here for a while so I guess it's about time I make a contribution. 

For chassis, it'll depend on the style you're going for.
A lot of people are heading towards RWD these days.
AWD or CS chassis are a lot of fun. Once you get used to the pricipals, it's easy enough to get into it.
RWD is a bit harder to pick up, bit so much more rewarding. It looks a lot more realistic too.

Cost wise, there's not much between them.
An entry level MST or Yokomo chassis are arpund the same price.

For bodys, drifting is about realism so people tend to go for a car that is used to drift in real life, things like S body Nissans, Toyota Chasers and things.
If you get to play arpund with a few shells, you'll find the size and shape makes the car feel different too.
The weight distribution will change the dynamics a bit and can make the car more snappy, soft, tail happy. It's a lot of fun  B)
i am brand new to the rc drifting scene too. im finding it really hard to find any good information for beginners on google as to what to look for in a chassis. im looking for something rwd and id really like to build the kit myself. can someone tell me what i should be looking for in a chassis or even whats a good mst and whats a good yokomo kit for starters with a budget in mind. hows the mst fxx-d s 2? its a little pricey but looks good. how does the mst nomenclature work? ive seen fxx-d, xxx-d, rrx, rmx, fmx, ms-01, fs-01 etc. it is motor placement or layout or something? thanks guys!
also, where is a good place to buy from? im finding a lot of questionable looking sights and knockoff/fakes. Im on the east coast of the US. Thanks!
(12-19-2017, 03:54 PM)DrifterHoboATL Wrote:  also, where is a good place to buy from? im finding a lot of questionable looking sights and knockoff/fakes. Im on the east coast of the US. Thanks!

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ระดับรายการ MST หรือแชสซีของ Yokomo มีราคาเท่ากัน


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