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KE70 - Yokomo YD-4
Hello everyone, a happy new year to all of you!
Working on my first drift build, finally found some time during the holidays. Got my power plant soldered up and did some cutting and painting and whatnot.
[Image: TPtP7Z7.jpg]
First ever thing I've soldered in my life. Need practice. It's a 9.5T sensored can, got it for cheap because apparently nobody buys anything besides 10.5 motors at my LHS.

[Image: PQJu3G9.jpg]

No photos from the chassis build, because I bought it used.. actually thought about asking the seller to dissemble it for me, but I figured that was maybe pushing it too far. I love building!
This Castle MMP was also bought used, many years ago - and has distributed power in a Traxxas Stampede 4x4, turned Slash 4x4. Raised it up on a block of a harder type of foam. Put the reciever on the servo, forgot to think about heat from the servo - hopefully it won't be an issue.
[Image: JV2Qpib.jpg]1.6 CS, ready to go (sans pinion.. i stuck an 18T on one since).. I think we'll be good friends
[Image: YNia7rl.jpg]
Had to be a Rolla!! Love the KE70. Not 100% impressed by the Pandora mold though.. there's sketchy parts, and the grille design is a good effort/looks bad..
[Image: UHOdiEj.jpg]
Couldn't decide between dark green and metallic red, so I went straight silver. The polycarbonate on this body is sooo thin, cutting it was a bit scary. Especially taking the grille piece out, ended up cutting the bottom of the front - late night and too much christmas made me sloppy  ='( . It's alright though.
[Image: ery9R5S.jpg]
I never had any luck with chrome paint for polycarbonate, but I want some shiny parts- Had a bunch of aluminum tape, figured I'd try the budget way
[Image: PjE23Li.jpg]
Ahhhh 8-spoked japanese beauty. Was so happy when these showed up. DHL lost my package from Germany containing 2 sets of Speedway Pal rims. Still sad about that. Got these Scale Dynamics Watanabe rims from Super G Drift.
[Image: HMd37gJ.jpg]

Back to the bod:

Cutting and mirroring some trim for above the doors
[Image: W34qTbp.jpg]Worst part: headlight trim.. uhh. My son got a Sphero BB-8 for christmas, that's a cool little toy right there.
[Image: Rf3RbqT.jpg]
Stuck it all on, time for a mock-up.. got some headlight lenses from an Axial tree. Haven't figured out how to make this look good yet. Still some leftover overspray film left here and there. That Tamiya silver is really bright! The aluminum tape looked real nice at first, but it seems it's creeping - so there's some creasing going on. I'll pretend it's 1/10 scale rust bubbles for now..
[Image: Cq9pYTO.jpg]
Tried the grille decal here.. I orderered a sheet of vent material from RCMart that looked a lot like the original stretched hex pattern on the 19-81 KE70s, but I didn't check the measurements - turned out the mesh was a lot finer than I thought, so now I don't know.
[Image: 6TBn5Xy.jpg]

Well, it's starting to look like something I can dig.. think those lenses will go on the inside, and I'll figure out what to do about the grille..
[Image: CjFGn7R.jpg]
Put some soles on the shoes.. aluminum creased some more. Don't know if I care at this point, I just want to drive this machine!!! Bought some Chrome MonoKote from the hobbyshop, but I think it'll be hard to work with it on that thin ass lexan. Who's got the 411 on the best way to get chromed??? 

Anyway, so happy to be working on this thing. Thanks for looking, I'll come back with more tonight, I hope!
JvTook it for a topless spin.. oh yes!! So good!! My sideways life begins. Also got some shoegoo.
Still just doing mockups, need a body post extension setup
[Image: tV8dxo5.jpg]
Great body build love the KE70
Thanks WolfWerks.. it's not flawless but it's coming along. Got the bumpers attached now,
Fiddling with some lights. Tried to make some body mounts but ended up ordering a set of "stealth" mounts. Gotta make an interior too. Any suggestions for interior colors?
[Image: jBiyuRv.jpg]
[Image: gJSQ3oS.jpg]
Finally got my body posts. Fixin to get this thing done soon. I think it will look good with the Formula wheels. The lights work fine. Think I have to paint the rear lights instead of using the decals. Do drift people use turn signals? Should they blink left when the wheels turn right maybe? So many questions. Also I want an oil cooler, and I kinda want to make a whole new front piece; grille & lamp fixtures. But maybe I'll just leave it. Freakin images show up in the wrong order here, jeeepz WHERE IS MY COFFEE MUG[Image: UmfThUG.jpg][Image: Wqr81qE.jpg][Image: V48bT9r.jpg][Image: JPyQRsO.jpg]

[Image: LxEgAYK.jpg]
[Image: 5i6V9af.jpg]
[Image: 5vnA7bS.jpg]Finally found som more time. Installed an interior and glued the light buckets with LEDs
[Image: 0oAUmsd.jpg]

[Image: E8BSfOL.jpg]
My lost package from germany arrived with these Speedway Pal Panasport wheels and some mirrors!

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