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Keyence Tachyon and Tachyon Aria
This is a discussion on the Keyence Tachyon and Tachyon Aria

I purchased this esc set when I first purchased my DRB. After putting it through its paces i really like it.
I feel as though this set is perfect for anyone that can afford it. this ESC is a perfect match for anyone looking for a decently priced esc and a unit thats going to last. Normally i would use Hobby Wing or Novak setups but after using this setup i would highly recommend the switch. After many hours of use the ESC is still going strong even though i beat the crap out of it.

You can find this combo on our blog at

all this being said i figured i would open this thread for all questions regarding it
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[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
nice thanks, so here are the settings and the flow chart
[Image: tachyonsettings.jpg]

[Image: tachyonsettings2.jpg]
to answer your questions in the other thread.

you can set any preset then modify the settings to make a custom setup. all standard settings do not have a lipo cutoff.

only what settings are listed as a blink will be setable. other things that are usable by the tao include % of output, % of brake, % of drag brag, degrees of timing.
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[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
yeah its highly tunable with the tao
so do you have the tachyon airia or the older tachyon
older... the only real difference is firmware tho
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[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
[Image: SETTING_TAO_120601.jpg]

these are my settings.

I recently only run the Lipo down to 6.9 though
And I adjust the forward power depending on the other drivers
thanks for that RE-Xtreme that's a big help for when I get the tao

So RE-Xtreme what version do you run?
i had error on my airia , all led is blinking.

when a press the throttle on my tx the rear wheels just little bit moving & then the esc restart , its happen again & again

i check the sensor cable & all component , its seems fine.

does anyone know why it happen ?
do you have the tao maybe just needs new firmware
I have 3 Keyence Tachyon. Pearl Black, Silver Carbon and Blue.

2 I use with Keyence Luxon KG 7.5T
1 I use with Speed Passion 10.5T   <- I don't like this motor that much. It's very clunky / noisy compared to the Keyence when running in neutral.

TAO settings are all basically the same.

I have a little issue with one of them. the capacitor cracked. But other than that I love them.
they rarely get hot. I run a fan blowing air in my drift package because of the position, but honestly
they never really get super hot.

Sometimes they are a little tricky to set up the neutral setting which can effect reverse also. If that is not perfect, you can get a strange non-movement. and sometimes a lack of reverse.
reset the neutral and you should be ok.

also make sure you are not in setting mode.
Sometimes this tricks people.

Btw, Keyence will change their name soon to Acuvance.

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