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Kimo's MST FXX-D S
Thanks, I think I'll order another lot in 6mm. It arrived in 3 days, so wasn't a huge wait.
New arrivals.

Suspension mount. Adjustable toe out. Didn't fit. Vip seems to have other size.

Vip servo mount.

Camber blocks.

[Image: DSC_0063.jpg]

[Image: DSC_0060_edit_1428775222235.jpg]
Today I built my own weight shift mount for the battery. I used the carbon holders from mst. For the plate I used a serving tray from ikea:-)

With some paint and decals it turned out ok.

Relocated the gyro and receiver. And added wire sleaves to the led wires for the body.

[Image: DSC_0073.jpg]

[Image: DSC_0074.jpg]
Look great
Thanks, hopefully I can take it for a spin tonight.
It handles great with the weight shift "kit"

Think next upgrade will be the IFS conversion kit, now that's available in vip. So that I can run 6mm offset instead of 9.
After i mounted the caster blocks and VIP suspension mount for more toe out my wheels hit the springs. So i had to order the IFS-kit. But i got the S version instead of the VIP.

Mounted it today and my god. The car handles great! more angle and softer handling.

[Image: DSC_0174.jpg]

[Image: DSC_0173.jpg]

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