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KOokiE Kreation D3
Thought it was going to be a while until I started another project but I couldn't help myself
[Image: imagejpg1_zpsdcf628a7.jpg]
Not going to fill this space with a chassis build you have all seen a million times. Already have some of the necessary mods FOW (installed) and Ultra-wide angle driveshafts (in the mail). Also ordered a Speed Passion Reventon S ESC w/ Competition V3.0 10.5R motor (in the mail).
To cap this one off I went with a D-Like FD3S.
All trimmed up and mocked
[Image: imagejpg3_zps6d4cccac.jpg]
[Image: imagejpg5_zps3877f54b.jpg]
Decided to use the chassis diffuser so had to trim up the back end quite a bit and move the upper section of the diffuser out about half an inch.

More progress as parts come in and will be painting soon.
[Image: 017c3ad6-f4d2-4efe-b892-651f90a5a852_zpse241be08.jpg]
awesome...and this wont stop
[Image: 222_zpsccdcf383.jpg]

Here For the love of RC Drifting
Looks awesome buddy :)
Thanks guys.

Got her all masked up and ready for paint. Going with Tamiya Gunmetal back with Gloss Black and Smoke for the tail lights. Should have it done this evening (maybe).
[Image: imagejpg1_zpsd2fa0f87.jpg]
[Image: 017c3ad6-f4d2-4efe-b892-651f90a5a852_zpse241be08.jpg]
Cool, are ya planning to do anything see special? Wipers, doors, sounds, etc?
*Everyone enjoy DM*

What I am currently having fun with: Yokomo DiB Ver.2 (In Blue)
Nothing too special. Just simple additions: wipers, exhaust and some decals. I will probably do some sort of roll cage for it. I like to keep my bodies simple and clean.
[Image: 017c3ad6-f4d2-4efe-b892-651f90a5a852_zpse241be08.jpg]
I love my FD's. Put a huge ass wing on it and make it totally Formula D ricer style.
When In doubt, Throttle Out!!!
OTA-R31 w/ Flux Capacitor
Haha. Not really a big fan of the whole big wing thing. I got something special in mind though
[Image: 017c3ad6-f4d2-4efe-b892-651f90a5a852_zpse241be08.jpg]
Well it was a late nite and I could have totally just waited until the morning to peel the overspray film off, but yeah right!
[Image: imagejpg1_zpscec60afe.jpg]

Plus my new driveshafts came in and I got those installed. Next step: trim.
[Image: 017c3ad6-f4d2-4efe-b892-651f90a5a852_zpse241be08.jpg]
Looking really good so far, I also don't like wings or any kind of spoiler on the car. What route you plan on taking with the D3. RWD or stay CS?
3Racing Sakura D3 WIP thread

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