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Lamborghini Gallardo Body on Yokomo Type C
Here is a pic of the new Lambo body on my Type C drift package build that I featured in another section. Used neon blue cuz Lambo's are popular in neon colors like yellow, green and blue. MST RID wheels+5 offset and MST Medium slick drift tires finish it off. Left off a lot of decals cuz they were kind of cheesy looking, just used enough to give a classy appearance, I hope.
Hope you like it.

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Nice blue, Did you paint it yourself?
Very nice, it's always cool to see something different than the usual that's done very well.

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Thanks guys. I painted it with Tamiya bright blue using just one coat of clear cuz I thought I had a full can but it was near empty. I was actually surprised at how bright and glossy it came out. I think its partly due to the plastic used for the body. It was quite a crystal clear looking before painting. Body is from R2hobbies, only about 23 bucks, comes with clear light buckets.
Are you going to put decals and a rear spoiler? Maybe change the rims?
The only thing left is a little trimming of the wheelwells, but no spoiler until I get a low rise one. I have a few sitting around but they are all high rise type and I need a low narrow mounting type to look realistic. No more decals or wheels as I'm going for a look that shows a stock Lamborghini drifting, not a drift modified car. My collection is half "classy" looking stock cars and half full blown race cars. It keeps making me laugh but I've had a few people ask me where I got a Ferrari 365 GT coupe body for my TT01D, and its just a Datsun 240 coupe I painted the same dark metallic blue pearl. I just posted pics of my Yokomo AE86 in another thread done as a "stock" looking coupe, minus the decals and spoiler and I think it looks amazing, and I have the same body done in whitewash all the decals to compare to and the blue one looks better in my opinion.
I plan to use a 240z as my first drift car. Not sure yet. I am am also considering the M5 or maybe and LFA. I had a 240z in real life years ago.

We shall see.

I like that you are keeping it clean and simple.
I love the LFA‘s style but I think it would have to be white to be able to see any body detail or definition when you are driving it, that's why I didn't go for it, don't want any more white cars. The 240Z looks great drifting. It was a video on this site with a silver 240Z that inspired that body choice.
I agree about the LFA in white. I like the matte paint jobs more than glossy now a days. The 240z body I do want it to be flared out, however I do not know how to do that or where to get a flare kit yet. If I did do and LFA, I would make my LFA a radical color like matte orange/grey/blue

I like the new Toyota BRX/86 thing that was posted earlier.
Go to, there are 2-3 flared 240Z/Fairly bodies. ABC hobby makes 2 different ones and I'm sure there is another from a different manufacturer.

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