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Laurel C33 [Yokomo] Tomato
(12-07-2016, 04:08 PM)Drift12345678 Wrote:  Looks so good that fitment is amazing

Thanks champ! stay tuned! I soon post pics of decals layout!
Np! Can't wait for an update
Hey all of you following my progress!
Sorry I haven't been uploading anything, I got in a busy period, so it have been on standby.
Last time I talked about the sticker layout but I couldn't find anything nice for this clean looking bastard. so I have recently buyed 2 sheets on eBay.. the hopefully coming soon!

Anyway I got today time for some DIY Muffler for this project.
2 hours out in -6c aren't fun and the welding went bad.. but it dosent matter can't been seen when it's on place!

What do you think?
[Image: ronHlRA.jpg]
Does this work out?

[Image: xJcLWso.jpg]
Looking good the new exauhst looks great how did u make it??
I was in a shop for work tools, and they had this little set of wrenches or something similar to it, for cheap money, and that metal is the correct one to weld with.
i cutted the pices of in the middel so i had a clean pipe, and then welded a peace of metal to the end of it, and drilled it up a bit so i got that realistic look :)

Today i got my Sticker Sheets. i hope this will improve the layout on the car.
Im planning to put some of them on, not to much, i still want the clean look on the car :)

[Image: c5Plqeo.jpg]
WOW those stickers look amazing and pretty scale I can't wait to see them on the car
I got some of them on now!
Im still not done, i think i want to place some more, but i'll found out another day :D

And yes, they are in a very realistick size :)!

[Image: X8UmsiW.jpg]
Looks good :)

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