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Lets see some VIP styled RC cars!!!
[Image: 5Dg3fSFl.jpg]
[Image: VLDzMcsl.jpg]
[Image: Rh7ycLQl.jpg]
[Image: f0n6NSLl.jpg]
[Image: v7TcvaEl.jpg]
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(06-14-2013, 04:11 PM)mikep415 Wrote:  like the title says, POST THEM VIP BODIES!!!!!

i'll start with my on going project, LS460.

[Image: 143_zps0392a87f.jpg]
[Image: 145_zps4e76978e.jpg]
[Image: 144_zps5812792e.jpg]
[Image: 140_zpsc3da7c5a.jpg]
[Image: 138_zps935de410.jpg]
[Image: 137_zpsa00cf8d7.jpg]
[Image: 136_zpsf2a378cf.jpg]
[Image: 127-1_zps9c05a840.jpg]
some action shots...Yes, it gets used! lol
[Image: 147_zpsa75250ff.jpg]
[Image: 148_zps7e39c9b2.jpg]

and Ants aristo i painted for him
[Image: 146_zps82eade31.jpg]
[Image: 149_zps47a56e07.jpg]
I realy realy liked this color, I want to paint mine at the same color.. how do I get this color?

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My Pandora Toyota Chaser

Attached Files
.jpg   DSC02425.jpg (Size: 178.63 KB / Downloads: 60)
.jpg   DSC02426.jpg (Size: 174.49 KB / Downloads: 65)
Here's my HPI JZX100 Mark 2

Yokomo Buckets
Wrap-up Next light decals
SpeedPal Exhaust
Rc-Art Roof and trunk spoiler from S15 (roof spoiler) 240sx (trunk Spoiler)
Yokomo Mirrors and Wiper Blades
Wrap-up Next Chrome trim decal
Wrap-up Next Chrome 3D grill and door handles
Rc-Art Intercooler

Attached Files
.jpg   new.jpg (Size: 799.33 KB / Downloads: 63)
.jpg   IMG_20150821_165017.jpg (Size: 702.27 KB / Downloads: 58)
.jpg   new 1.jpg (Size: 765.02 KB / Downloads: 54)
.jpg   new 2.jpg (Size: 838.81 KB / Downloads: 55)
In action

Attached Files
.jpg   new 4.jpg (Size: 636.02 KB / Downloads: 58)
No comparison to those on top but it's getting there.

Meh hpi ls460 still need to do trim and finish light buckets.

[Image: 5a718408740ad0ac848e92d3b1920743.jpg]
Yokomo Zero Crown 275mm

[Image: Crown%2BZero.jpg]

  • Yokomo DIB275 Premium (RWD Conversion)
  • Yokomo DPR (Hayato Yoshiba Spec)
  • Yokomo YD-4
  • Yokomo YD-2 PLUS
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Not as good as some of yours but this will do haha
[Image: mTS1wAm.jpg]

[Image: FgCMP1G.jpg]
[Image: XoFvg4I.jpg]
[Image: W8SbC27.jpg]
[Image: AKJxfDx.jpg]
I really want one of this Altezza bodies.

My Laurel was pretty VIP inspired.

[Image: A89DBB97-FC0E-4761-8B34-F78F67D26846_zpsguveawwu.jpg]
[Image: EEAA9C1C-90D7-4680-BEB6-0ED3E34BF565_zpsfmxihcy7.jpg]
my Tetsujin IS Fsport
[Image: 13007229_950564561724070_922263824510127...e=58183959]
[Image: 4028172207455215s.jpg]
Overdose Drift Package RWD
CER D08 Premium RWD
Yokomo DRB Overdose RWD
Ce-RX type R White Wolf RWD

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