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lets see them 180/240/silvas
My son's Yokomo S15 on his Tamiya TT01

[Image: 2h50brp.jpg]
[Image: 8c3d781de493db4d34a713acaac3596e.jpg]

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G935F met Tapatalk
Wanted a battle worn body, One that I didn't care if it took a beating from other cars or just bashing around the track.
[Image: 20842294_10213250752999509_5570618393681...e=5A314490]
[Image: 20882108_10213250752759503_1327908873785...e=5A31D699]
[Image: 19961233_10212873708133623_8600606513210...e=5A289C0C]
my Yokomo S14[Image: a2c8ed5419e107550c3d38f5b51d6e16.jpg][Image: cff30f422f888fda8a96d0bfae4407ee.jpg][Image: 23830bbaa1cf756898a5ed40f062ef81.jpg]

Gesendet von meinem VIE-L09 mit Tapatalk

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