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Lets see those AE86's!
I really can't believe no one has started this thread lol but thought id give it a go with a little throwback of my 86 I did for the HPI drift challenge I think in 2011 or 2012?

[Image: 225.jpg]
[Image: 226.jpg]
[Image: 232.jpg]
[Image: 224.jpg]
[Image: 223.jpg]
never finished this one..
[Image: 56-2.jpg]

i'll post better ones eventually but just wanted to get the ball rolling!
[Image: 0000.jpg]
[Image: RE-Xtreme_RC_AE86-Matsuri.jpg]

[Image: RE-Xtreme_RC_AE86Matsuri_09.jpg]

[Image: RE-Xtreme_RC_AE86Matsuri_11.jpg]

[Image: RE-Xtreme_RC_AE86Matsuri_23.jpg]

we had a little meet
Here's my Run Free Levin!

[Image: 20140111_182410_zpswwuyjsbf.jpg]

[Image: 20140111_193301_zpsyhtgazze.jpg]
[Image: IMGP0839.jpg]
[Image: IMGP0829.jpg]
[Image: IMGP0832.jpg]
[Image: 988350_10151701361307603_651566996_n_zpsbe4ec55d.jpg]
Drift hard or go home!Devil
Yokomo Droo-p - Matte Blue, WUN sunroof.
[Image: 1235214_10153230348405416_240752628_n.jpg]
[Image: 946737_10153258433645416_1974410403_n.jpg]

HPI Levin - Run Free kit. (way back when I first started RC drift :) )
[Image: 420460_10152197499615416_755587436_n.jpg]
[Image: 183892_10152197501435416_1076336102_n.jpg]
Overdose + Tail-Slider MST XXX-D VIP FM Red w/ HT Suspension Fully upgraded ^^

[Image: 20131201_130644_zps29c03466.jpg]

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[Image: 20131201_130348_zps23047242.jpg]

Sent from my C771 using Tapatalk 2

[Image: 20131201_130113_zps417cfb0a.jpg]

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My current AE86 bad photo
[Image: IMG_2194.jpg]
Looking to do a Droo-p 86 again soon i've have a few in the past but not pic worthy
I was wondering where this thread was, glad someone made it lol.

I posted pictures in my first body topic, but I have beat the car up a bit and took some junky more recent pics p:

My chassis is still 100% stock, and I broke the remote already and lost a bunch of screws... so I have been collecting parts for a rebuild over the last couple weeks and have not been beating on my car as much as I could. Though now I kind of like the broken remote, for some reason no spring in the wheel made control feel different lol.

One when clean :]
[Image: IMG_3922_zps19591363.jpg]
Now more recent
[Image: IMG_4252_zpsead3a011.jpg]
My 3 Racing Sakura D3 diffuser, I assume when I hit something it will break off, I don't have it mounted super good yet, but I was working with what I had super late at night and didn't want to go get better stuff to mount it >>.....
[Image: IMG_4253_zps3fb7c241.jpg]
last one for now, I still have not mounted my front bumper lol
[Image: IMG_4254_zps5e8b9a95.jpg]
Here's a few pics of my AE86 Levine. This is one of the Colt bodies.
[Image: drifter1001.jpg]
Vinyl body lines thanks to Sloski. Still need to add buckets and some small details.
[Image: drifter1003.jpg]
Painted carbon look hood....Used drywall tape.
[Image: drifter1002.jpg]
Well do 'ya?
[Image: drifter1005.jpg]
Tell me what you think.

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