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Lets see those AE86's!
(02-26-2016, 04:27 PM)GHOST_WANDER Wrote:  Thats actually hpi body with the run free kit, as far as pop ups easier to custom build your self, theres a lot of tutorials online  

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Yeah, that's where i feel like i will need to do.  But what about the other lights though? Tail? Fog? Side marker?
The hpi body comes with the head and tail light buckets, as for the fogs scratch building is your best bet

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Body magnets ruined my custom fiber hood. Tried shoegoo for extra adhesiveness but that ate through it and repainting that area made it worse. Cheers to my first custom creation: A Leather Hood Bra. Lol

[Image: 85448e5e7f4b36dcb2f9fd201f9a2bd2.jpg]

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Nice. Yeah I've dealt with that before when doing carpet tape CF hoods. I think the hood bra look is beginning for RC bodies. Here's one I made for my Levin coupe and another for my ABC 180SX. Pretty simple, just vinyl glued onto electric tape, but limited for flat surfaces only.

[Image: 20160125_204502_1.jpeg]
(I know this is a AE86 thread but it's just to show the bra)
[Image: 20151228_175212_resized.jpg]
[Image: AWESOMENESS.jpg]
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