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Lets see those Evo's & WRX's
Hello :D 

.jpg   DSC05930 - Kopia.JPG (Size: 56.66 KB / Downloads: 51)
.jpg   DSC05925 - Kopia.JPG (Size: 61.75 KB / Downloads: 52)
.jpg   DSC05914 - Kopia - Kopia.JPG (Size: 55.6 KB / Downloads: 57)
.jpg   DSC05923 - Kopia.JPG (Size: 54.66 KB / Downloads: 43)
.jpg   DSC05916 - Kopia.JPG (Size: 76.62 KB / Downloads: 49)
Hpi subby on sakura d4 [Image: 30002c6b620dafb57715a6569882db39.jpg][Image: 70c71e54cd43d305842a9cf638e57090.jpg]

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My Evo X Blue Angel from Tamiya sitting on Sakura D3
And tell me guys, why Evo looks so good in blue? I mean almost all of these are blue :P

[Image: 333ecr8.jpg]
[Image: 3008fo4.jpg]
  • Sakura D3 RWD
            - Speed Passion 21,5t
            - Nosram Devil
            - Sanwa MX-3

And thats it  Lol
Tamiya evo^^?

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[img][Image: 3D63BFE4-1953-4EAA-B1BD-F112BA8DD740.jpg][/img]My HPI WRX.

.jpg   IMG_20160307_112125720-1280x720.jpg (Size: 151.06 KB / Downloads: 43)
.jpg   IMG_20160307_112037191-1280x720.jpg (Size: 150.04 KB / Downloads: 51) My first ever body. My cuts were awful but I still love it. 04 wrx sti hpi. On an old school ta02

.jpg   Image1460860395.102994.jpg (Size: 723.18 KB / Downloads: 40)
.jpg   Image1460860420.583084.jpg (Size: 804.67 KB / Downloads: 39)
My kit hatch back body and my brothers redcat body

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[Image: 7NQ2h3s.jpg]

[Image: LFHzkmz.jpg]

[Image: cgM10rd.jpg]
[Image: hgJ2eTH.jpg]
Really quick paint job that is my beater body.

[Image: jfxoqf.jpg]

[Image: u0ghg.jpg]

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