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LiPo + ESC question
Hey guys, Ive recently bought a tt01d with a rs540 sports tuned motor, teu104bk esc and a Li-Po battery.
My problem is I've recently found out the teu104bk low voltage cut off is for LiFe batteries and is lower then needed for Li-Po. But at the same time I've found many forums sayings its fine to use =S
So can I just buy a BEC and use with the teu1-4bk, or should I buy a more suited speed controller?
I used Li-Po's with my tt-01 and the same esc I never had an issue with the battery cut off it works fine. just don't turn the esc back on till you put a full battery back in it as this will over discharge the Li-Po
cool, so just leave the low voltage cut off activated and it and it should would as per normal? turn off when I need to charge the battery.
yeah it's worked fine for me, when the cut off kills the power turn it off and charge the battery
LVC for LiFe is too low for LiPo. I would not use it, in the long run you'll notice that it will affect the battery. Just get a cheap cutoff or buzzer from Hobbyking or Ebay and use that instead.

Also, be aware that the little red BEC plug gives all the volts of the battery to the reciever, not 6v like an ESC with build-in BEC would. Some recievers can't handle more than 6v so using the TEU101 or 104 will burn them out.
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Yeh I might get a cutoff, Im looking at hobbyking and there are so many to chose from. What amps and volts should I be looking for? Any chance you could suggest one B)
Im getting the Futaba 2PL 2.4GHz with the R603GF receiver, its says its power requirement are 4.8V or 7.4V NiCd battery, and the 104 esc says its output voltage for receiver is 6.6V - 7.2V. Will that matter?
Also I cant tell if that receiver has BEC or not, can anyone answer that for me :)
cheers for all the info
If I buy this:
Can I run everything safely?
For a little more you can get a more capable ESC...

One of these
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