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Liquid mask
 I haven't found a post liquid mask. My question is how much needs to be applied. I've done the recommended amount yet it's seems to thin.
Im doing a 64 impala and i just laid the 3rd coat. I have about 1/3 left in the bottle and i will use the rest of it. Everyone says the thicker the better. Just keep laying layers. Cant go wrong. But make sure you give it plenty of time to dry inbetween.
I apply at least two coats with a fairly large brush. The second coat is applied just as the first cost is drying to the touch. Sometimes I'll go with a third coat if I feel the need. I try to let it dry overnight before trimming to ensure it's fully dry. I used to apply it with an airbrush and that was always a disaster. Way too thin and took forever. Using the brush was a life saver.
3-4 even coats with a wide brush should be enough. Too thin tears and may not give you full coverage but I find too thick it kind of a pain as it likes to grab the blade when you trim. Like the others said, dry fully between coats. I speed up the process between coats with a hair dryer but wait overnight after the last.
Thanks for the tips, I've been airbrushing it and it seems so thin after 4 coats. I was going to try a spay bottle that's pressurized, yet after reading this I'll just stick to the brush. Again thanks
I usually do 4 thin coats, letting it dry fully between coats. I use a hair dryer to speed up the process. Don't try to do 2 thick coats, more thin layers leaves a better, more even mask without blobs. Cuts and peels nicely.
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