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littlemonsta's Rx7 camera car
Hi this is my first attempt on painting the body from the outside. The masking tape let in some paint. Lucky this was a cheap body I wanted to repaint.

It's a bad job I know
Camera fixture on top of car

.jpg   IMG_20170424_142000.jpg (Size: 48.39 KB / Downloads: 38)
Mini servo under the shell

.jpg   IMG_20170424_141316.jpg (Size: 60.28 KB / Downloads: 25)

Servo is binded to channel 4 and aux mix with steering. The camera should follow according to steering

.jpg   IMG_20170424_140925.jpg (Size: 44.77 KB / Downloads: 29)
Purple car tint. I should put it again to take out the bubbles.

.jpg   IMG_20170424_140830.jpg (Size: 51.51 KB / Downloads: 25)
.jpg   IMG_20170424_140900.jpg (Size: 47.51 KB / Downloads: 17)

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