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Live British championship drifting feed
First round at Lydden hill, today and tommorow
Today's full event
Watched it quite good

Sent from my C1505 using
[Image: 0ff063f65124bbfab64f5d35858bb628.jpg]
[Image: 648768bd3d6ad28f21aba6132067047e.jpg]
[Image: 27e57ad1e4b76a76c6bd2491aec78774.jpg]
Old school celica
[Image: 3f55278df800a12e17a212629cf4d6d1.jpg]
NASCAR powered 86 having it large against a monster bmw
[Image: 5540460bd24d0ecc32851f77260f7281.jpg]
[Image: f6e388e36144e15653d0d0c189a3a4af.jpg]
This was the final battle, both driftworks cars. The 86 is basically an ex nascar with an 86 shell and the Other car is driven by a 16 year old!

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