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Looking for Sakura D4 awd setup tips
Hi guys I've been on this forum for a while but this is my first post. I've recently bought a new Sakura D4 awd and built it exactly to the specs in the manual. Driving it on my smooth concrete driveway it just wants to spin really easily. I wound the front springs down two millimetres and stood the rear shocks up to see if it'd make a difference. It's basically still the same. Slow tight corners are kind of ok but on long sweepers it just wants to do 360s. Im just running the standard tyres and have a Speed Passions Dokyo Drift  V3 motor and esc combo, any tips or ideas?
Check your ride height I set mine at 6 mm back & 7mm front also put your back shocks angle in at the top and front ones straight up . I have my springs harder in front and soft The stock tires are no good imo this is worth a try & is what I have done on my car
Cool thanks, I've raised the ride hight front and rear a fair bit, fitted the FF +0 toe block to the back and added a little more rear camber. It made it a bit more smoother and controllable but still spins out too easily. It's also very twitchy and unstable in a straight line. I'll move the shocks around and try some different tyres too.
I'm not to experienced in this but it sounds like you have to much traction in the front try taking some away by either adding camber or even raising the front some more. I've only played with my buddies d3 for a little bit but I was having the same issue and this worked for me.

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I hope this doesnt count as hijacking the thread or at least ppl dont get upset about this kinda thing i just wanted to ask advice from lbj...

I was curious why u recommended the changes to the shocks and ride height, were u going by ur setup and where you take it to drift?

I have an old ta05 v2 r that i pulled out of storage since im moving and i never got it properly tuned for 50/50 drifting but did the best i could with it this past week and then converted it to a 1/36 ratio setup with a cs fdr of 5.94 and am loving it so far. But any advise i can get would be of an immense amount of help as im still not quite sure what to tune and why as there are so many pieces that you tune one and itll mess with how youve setup your other million pieces, it feels just like tuning in forzas sim line racing games or gran turismos games. Its almost overwhelming :P

I sadly cant get out of the house to drift at a nice place so im stuck with some curvy rounded roads with tons of patch work so i feel if i were to tune things id wanna keep it minimal, or more oriented towards downhill or almost rally mentality tuning due to how funky my streets are.

Anyways ive overtyped again, just hoping for some advice like u gave the OP on shock positions, but more reason behind changes would be awesome, since i can lay down my shocks horizontally with the ta05 and donno if that would be better than my current vertical shock setup.

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