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MADBUL with 26b sound
a couple of us foolin around at afros rc club, 1 of the guys decided to get creative and make this vid
my rc madbul with actual MADBUL's 26 b 4 rotor tear'n it up enjoy!! and thanx to my buddy joey for makn the vid!
Got I love the sound that thing makes!
thanx it's a dub over of the actual madbul 26b 4 rotor na!
nobody noticed its a fake xD?
Dub over?...really? Lol
Haha. Brilliant.
we made the vid my buddy went home found the madmike vid with the madbul shooting flames at night and he edited that audio onto the vid lol . this is not the real madbul lol it's an rc with audio edited to the vid :)

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