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Many New to threads
I too am new to the idea of the drift rigs and would like to give it a shot! I've run everything from, Offroad carpet and dirt to sedan carpet and asphalt, pretty much everything under the sun. 

I don't want to dump a ton of cash into a kit but also realise you get what you pay for when it comes to RC.  AWD or RWD doesn't matter which unless there is a massive difference between the two in handling if one happens to be easier than the other to tune? 

Hobby King has this rig for a tempting price tag but is this rig utter trash?

I've looked at these two rigs from Yokomo

I've seen posted here the MST and the Sakura are good starting points with potential for upgrades. 

3 Racing Sakura 

That single shock in the front is definately interesting!!


Seems like all most all MST kits are backorder at this point same with Yokomo.

Team Associated

I know this one isn't specific to drift but would it be easily setup for it?

Now I have done a fair amount of reading on kits for MST, 3racing and Yokomo but not sure how comparable they are to each other. Id really like being able to buy upgrades here and there as I go so being able to have plenty of optional parts is a plus. I all ready have electronics so I'm good there just looking for some insight on which one anyone would say is good for starting out with.
I really don't want to spend 500 bucks on a kit for something I may not enjoy as much as I think I will. 250 ish to 300 price range I think I can live with as a loss if I don't like it.

Anyone out there with any opinions or insight would love to hear it!!

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