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Me, Myself and I.
I recently received a Sakura D3 and currently have no body here in Texas to brag to when it comes to my new RC car and my accomplishments with the dang thing. So I will be posting everything I get for this car here and more.

Now I have no RC back ground and only going off what has been posted in these threads. Do not plan on doing a lot of hop-ups for this chassis since many of the hop-ups are already being discontinued. This is simply a cheap chassis to familiarize myself with RC drift and see if it is something I would like to take serious.

WIP Sakura D3
Sakura D3 received on the July 10th put it together on the 12th.
This was the first time putting a chassis together, rather proud of the outcome... except for when it was all done I had put the spur gear on the wrong side. It took me forever to pop the spring pins back out of the pulleys to reposition that dang thing. Lesson learned. Anyway, I got the FOW yesterday on the 14th and will be installing it tonight.

Hop Up Parts List
3Racing Front One Way - installed
3Racing Alloy motor mount heatsink - installed
3Racing Alloy Rear Bulkhead w/bearing housing Ver. 2 - installed
3Racing Alloy Rear Bulkhead - installed
3Racing Ultra-wide driveshafts - installed
Aluminum Front Suspension Mount (FF-0) - installed
Boom Racing Aluminum Main Chassis- installed
Boom Racing Aluminum Steering- installed
Boom Racing Aluminum Upper Deck- installed
Boom Racing Aluminum Front & Rear Knuckles - installed
Boom Racing Aluminum Front & Rear Shock Towers- installed
Boom Racing Aluminum Rear Lower Arms- installed
OverSliders rear tray- installed
OTA steering - In-Stock
3Racing Alloy belt tension post(rear) - In-Stock
3Racing Alloy belt tension post(center) - In-Stock

Electronics & Motor
Motor: Speed Passion Drift Spec 6.5T
ESC: Reventon R
Receiver: HPI AM 27MHz receiver
Servo: FeeTech FT5679M
Transmitter: HPI TF-1 transmitter

Sakura D3 stocks - Terrible for any hard wood or polished concrete. Not that bad on carpet but do not have much to compare it to at this time.
Raikou D70 - Really enjoy running these on concrete, not so much on carpet.
Yeah Racing Spec D - Have yet to test them out.

*Take note that I am new and any suggestions on a better receiver, transmitter or other is expected.

My Reference Pages
Basic Guide to Suspension - written by Mitto
CS Ratio Calculator - Driftmission
R31 Steering Mod - written up by Combat_Drftr
C-Hub Delete- written up by moss
Mono-shock - wagwanbumba's D3
KPI information & Parts List - written up by Caseymacgyver
The Pickled D3 - written up by pickled
RajiDori's Sakura D3 setup - written up by RajiDoriCCS
3Racing Sakura D3 WIP thread
Post some pics when you can. Would love to see what progress you have made and progress you will make. Welcome to rc'ing and to DM. As far as equipment to use do your research and get what's best for your budget and skill level.
[Image: 017c3ad6-f4d2-4efe-b892-651f90a5a852_zpse241be08.jpg]
I'm in for the progress broski. hands on and enjoy the build.
[Image: 222_zpsccdcf383.jpg]

Here For the love of RC Drifting
[Image: unepy4a5.jpg]
First hour with the Sakura was a lot of fun. Got to experience it on hardwood floor and carpet. The tires that came with the Sakura are only useful on carpet. I did get Raikou D70s in today. Just have not mounted them on the cheap traxxas on road wheels I have.

[Image: ma8e5y8y.jpg]
Had a lot of fun installing the FOW, something about having to build the car just makes it all the more enjoyable to drive. I will be adding rear bulk head to the list of hop ups because I see it has a belt tensioner attached to it. And that is needed for the center belt, I was warned about it but did not know just how bad it is till I started driving it.

[Image: vuqa7ane.jpg]

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3Racing Sakura D3 WIP thread
Wow... love that ae86. is that the Levin? sakura are fun to set and build. enjoy my friend.
[Image: 222_zpsccdcf383.jpg]

Here For the love of RC Drifting
Shell looks great buddy :)
Looks great, love the paint scheme. Looks like a resto job.

Not just RC, it's a lifestyle!
The motor that is installed feels like it has a lot of power, and I read often about how it does not take a lot of power for CS drifting. So I am curious to see how driving this thing will make me have a better throttle techinque. Because it will force me to be lighter on the touch and get better at feathering the throttle.

Speaking of the motor I am able to pull a piece of paper through the pinion and spur gear without it tearing. But I feel like the motor is getting a bit hot and wondering how beneficial buying a temp gun will be to me. Is this something that I will be using once or several many times to keep track of the temperature of my motor. What are you's guy's experience with having a temp gun to check on the motor, is it something you use a lot or purchased it and now it is gathering dust.
3Racing Sakura D3 WIP thread
I know sponsors a track out in Fort Worth. E-mail there support. Great group of guys.
i used a temp gun a lot to keep temps down on my race rc's. Its a beneficial tool when it comes to gearing in my opinion.
[Image: 017c3ad6-f4d2-4efe-b892-651f90a5a852_zpse241be08.jpg]

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