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Mitchell's FXX-D S
At the beginnig there was a box of parts:
[Image: 27d54f6b4a112276.png]
[Image: 00ab6402730ce6e4.png]

After 2 hours I built this:
[Image: be1510ee40c67e3d.png]
[Image: a18e0adac7328e5d.png]

In addition to "what was in the box":
- I've added carbon upper deck to increase chassis stiffness to avoid wrecking my gears
- I've added aluminium turnbuckles
- I've changed tires to MST CS-R (soft)

Electronics I had on board
ESC - Reventon PRO 1.1
Motor - Speed Passion Competition Series 8.5R
Servo - Blue Bird BMS-631MG
Gyro - MST LSD-01
Receiver - Sanwa RX-461

After few hours of setup and some shopping:

1. I've changed steering set to aluminium & carbon one and moved it back. I've also inserted some spacers into front lower arms to make them a bit longer, inreased front caster and rounded front tires to have constant grip:
[Image: 4ebc26502d89a259.png]

2. I've replaced servo to low profile, digital, brushless OMG LP-BF07S, moved receiver to other side of my chassis and added Team Tetsujin TT-7313 LED module. I've also created 8 pin socket to easily connect/disconnect my lights from my chassis:
[Image: ba80a25a9ebc1c65.png]

3. I've moved capacitors closer to receiver (previously they were located right after reducer) and changed my motor to Speed Passion Competition MMM Series 10.5R 540 Brushless one:
[Image: 41ea838d9e5bc9e0.png]

4. Finally I've changed my gyro to SkyRC GC301, as I needed one with limit possibility (CH3 gain option is also nice, but it wasn't a must):
[Image: 07ecb30754c25b55.png]

I think that (probably excluding gyro as I might want to change it to MST LSD 2.0 or D-Like one) it's final configuration of this chassis.

Electronics I currently have on board
ESC - Reventon PRO 1.1
Motor - Speed Passion Competition MMM Series 10.5R
Servo - OMG LP-BF07S
Gyro - SkyRC GC301
Receiver - Sanwa RX-461
LED module - Team Tetsujin TT-7313

I'm  using  Sanwa MT-4 radio and Turnigy nano-tech 5800 mAh Hardcase Lipo packs.

Feel free to comment and ask any questions you want. I'll do my best to reply them with all knowledge I have.
My MST FXX-D VIP and GTR R34 body.
My RC drift Facebook page.
Looks nice!
How much steering lock have you got with that setup?
nice ! never seen this kit . where do you pick one of these up ? and how are the option part to them ?
[Image: apexdrift_zpsa8569ede.png]
HPI SPRINT 2 Project
Sorry for late reply, I was out of home and didn't check the forum.Sorry forSoS

@Lille Buller - that's a photo of my steering at full lock (could have a bit bigger angle, but I've used second upper hole on steering wipers instead of first, anyway that's enough for me):
[Image: 934c45fc82be76d7.png]

@Paul-R - I bought it at, but you can get it at any Max Speed Technology reseller you want. I'm sure there are some in California. If not, you can buy it online, f.ex. at rcMart. There's a lot of option parts for this one, as almost every part from MST FXX-D VIP should fit it.
My MST FXX-D VIP and GTR R34 body.
My RC drift Facebook page.
This is great build. I was looking at the kit for the price but always turned my head thinking upgrading later on would be too much but you changed my mind. BTW can you share more about the wiring on lights? I have lighting on my BMW body I always get lost when I get to wiring. 8 pin socket seems to be perfect solution for me.

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