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Mitchell's GTR R34
Time to build my first body. I've chosen Xanavi Nismo GTR R34 Z-Tune (Tamiya #51246).

Pre-cut and masked body right after first PS-18 (metallic purple) layer:
[Image: b5f48f9311c1e08c.png]

After another few layers of PS-18:
[Image: 01d8b35687185431.png]

After backing it up with PS-5 (black):
[Image: 72d6390e6b033804.png]

Rear wing and mirrors were painted  first with PS-5, next with PS-18, and finally with TS-13 (clear). Light buckets were painted manually using X-18 (semi gloss black):
[Image: f62eb76c00f0ff75.png]

I've sprayed body with 9 layers of PS-18 and 5 layers of PS-5. Wing and mirrors were sprayed with  2 layers of PS-5, 3-4 layers of PS-18 and 2 layers of TS-13.
Used 2 cans of PS-18 and  1 can of PS-5 and a bit of TS-13 & X-18 to do it.

Stay tuned!
My MST FXX-D VIP and GTR R34 body.
My RC drift Facebook page.
Next part of work has been done. I've trimmed front of the body, mounted grilles made of aluminium and mounted front light buckets:  [Image: c60397dc0a265df5.png]

The hardest part was to cut out  the hood air intake as lexan was extremely hard here. Finally inlets  were smoothed using a small file:
[Image: c24d76011c670bbf.png]

Rear lights with decals & buckets mounted, rear wing mounted:
[Image: 0e014fc163f2c1b3.png]

Stay Z-tuned ;)
My MST FXX-D VIP and GTR R34 body.
My RC drift Facebook page.
Amazing detail! Any plans for LED's or other features?
When In doubt, Throttle Out!!!
OTA-R31 w/ Flux Capacitor

Yes, I'm gonna mount Team Tetsujin TT-7313 LED kit, self-made roll cage, aluminium exhaust pipe and other stuff.
I'll update topic with new photos soon, as some of that already has been done.
My MST FXX-D VIP and GTR R34 body.
My RC drift Facebook page.
The color pops. Looking good
Looking real nice there :)
Thanks for your comments. Glad there are people who like it. And so it is promised update :)

Front - GTR sign, halogen stickers and license plate:
[Image: 0fb7e1d1bbc2a7ca.png]

Rear - some stickers, license plate, muffler (pipes for ya ass, oldschool, drilled fully with 5mm drill and half with 6mm drill, to fit LED, custom mount):
[Image: 67cbe11096acf575.png]

Entire body  - mirrors mounted, body lines painted, rubber window's seals added, hand made roll cage mounted:
[Image: f4c602363344b1cb.png]

Roll cage viewed from the back:
[Image: ed981653286a1b17.png]

Roll cage viewed from the bottom, LED system:
[Image: a4c83c01c932dda9.png]

Only few things left to be done, unfortunately I have to wait till Thursday for needed parts.
My MST FXX-D VIP and GTR R34 body.
My RC drift Facebook page.
very nice work the green roll cage on purple body go nicely together very nice gtr and grill work looks great
rc isn't a hobby...its an addiction and im a addict lol..... Sick
NICE! Love the color combo looking really good sir.
THIS is some good work! Looking forward to updates!

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