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motor for drifter
what is the best motor for rc drifting?
imo it depends on the track and car set up. when i was running 2.45 cs i was using a 13.5t and was needing a little more power. when i went to 2.86 i jumped into a 8.5t and had more than i needed. most people would say 10.5 is a safe bet.
i run a novak set up and have seen the hobby wing, viper, and tekin work well
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oh thank you i probably get 10t i think
Keep in mind that what s.s.louie said is only related to brushless motors. For brushed motors you should be looking for something between 17 and 21 turns, preferably a modified motor so you can maintain it properly. I don't recommend buying brushed though, brushless is so much better.

Over here in Holland the norm is a 10.5 brushless motor with or without a boosted (boost timing and turbotiming) ESC. Its a perfect allrounder speed with the 10.5's.
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one more lets say i have speed passion esc ...can i put xerun or any other brand of motors on it? ...
Yea, just make sure it's a sensored motor. I'm assuming your esc is sensored. Also, a 540 size motor.
the speed passion esc can be used on sensored or sensorless brushless motor...  and i just want to know if xerun 10.5t brushless motor will be fit to my hpi sprint 2 drift rc... thank you guys
Yea, it'll work.
what is better?? sensored or sensorless brushless motor?
Sensored=Smooth response
Sensorless=has a Lag Feel when you hit the trigger
(Correct me if Im wrong)

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