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Motor help
So was curios if anyone could recommend a good brushed motor. Rebuildable is a perk but not needed. I'm running a 50/50 ofna jl10e and I have a few brushed speed controllers laying around hence why I want brushed. What is a good turn motor to start with followed by brand. I use Holmes hobbies in my crawlers and castle/Traxxas combos in my slashes and stuff but no idea where to start here. I mainly run solo so there's nothing I'm trying to compete with. I like to do long power slides(not sure real name or term to use) and just have fun. Surface I run on is pretty much your normal blacktop road. At the moment I have a tamiya 27t but it's time for a upgrade and was wondering if 21t or something like that would be better for a little more wheel speed? Not sure what I need to accomplish what I'm looking for so figured I'd ask for some advice.
One of the motors I'm looking at is a absima 21t. Looks like a uk brand? Good motor?? Bad?? Reasons for either answer? I'm new to drifting so not sure what's good what's not. I'm looking to be able to carry a little more speed through a drift. I'm sure driver skill plays a huge roll but like I mentioned before. I'm due for a new motor since this ones lived it's life and I'm amazed it still is running like a champ.
Brushless setup is like 60$ for esc and motor and its alot of speen even with a nimh battery

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Oh for sure brushless would be sweet but for now I'm trying to keep it about 40$ at the most for a motor maybe a little more but just using everything else I have already and have a few different esc's laying around for a brushed motor. I have a spare velinion 3500 combo that came out of one of my slashes but I hate the velinion motors at low speed. Could be just me but they seem jittery and like they are cogging up(and yes gear mesh is right and everything's good it's just a personal thing)
Completely forgot I had a atomik fireball 21t that a buddy sent with brand new brushes a while back. Slapped it in and dropped from 20t to a 18t pinion and am very very happy. But I still want to go with a stronger better motor soon. Anyone have any brands worth it? I absolutely love both of my torquemaster pros in my two crawlers and am tempted to see what Holmes hobbies could do for a drifter but that's a few more dollars than I have to play with this month anyways. If I saved a little here and there over the next few weeks I could grab a 80$ motor. But really want to stay brushed for the smooth start up.

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