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Ms01 pro set up help
Hey guys I'm somewhat new to drifting and having a hard time being any kind of consistent.

My set up is
Ms01d pro currently running 1.38 cs
Spektrum 6040 servo
hobbywing 8.5 turn combo

my problem is I can't find a good balance at all. I been trying tons of tire combos but I can't find one that will work as I hope. Either makes low speed stuff difficult or wish washy on switch backs....... well you get it I need some set up help. Used a set up like this guy's and when I say like I mean the same exact.
Rev's MS-01D VIP
I just ordered the mst dk spring set raikou d70 tires and I lost my mind for a sec and orderd a front motor conversation .

I mainly run smooth concrete now.

Any set up tips or just tips in general would be appreciated.

[Image: f0fcf1edda4c3d293b56cdc8ea5e3dfd.jpg]
[Image: cd7c6abc6eaecbddb4f95fdd01f9d516.jpg]

Got my new tires and wheels on what a difference. But I still find at low speeds it wants to push the front end around.
Got the front motor conversation in. I wanted to stay at 1.36 cs but I was forced to go up to 1.56 for the belt to work. Also not happy with how my motor fit either.

Any tips for getting my cs ratio back to 1.36? Or set up tips in general .[Image: 0e5f72b409fb9ce9468c17218d230206.jpg]
Y do u want to go back to 1.3 cs i have the ms01d rtr which came at 1.56 and i feel its good i wanna go to 1.8 or 2.0

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Dunno if its going to help much. But heres my noob setting for the car at the moment (still figuring out whats the tunning difference in effect between tourer and drifting).


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How were you at 1.3 cs any ways the cs pulley kit
Min is 1.54

(02-13-2015, 07:50 PM)TraneDrift Wrote:  How were you at 1.3 cs any ways the cs pulley kit
Min is 1.54


I ran 3 belt setup.
Ah okay.

Go 2.0, I started out on 1.8, and have lots more fun now I'm at 2.0.

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