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MST 120011 bearings width
So, I have the new bearings. They are definitely so much different than the sakura ones...

[Image: f113010152d2d89bb2590b929af4a090.jpg]

[Image: f86a335a750a2bdf1012f091dc5cbc42.jpg]

But I still have problem!

The pin that goes through the axle is still a bit far from the outside bearing...

[Image: 7d20935ba439b4dab9eafc46b1f058da.jpg]

So the wheel keeps moving (right left). I don't think this is good for drifting....

Maybe I should also buy the inner bearing (bigger one).

[Image: 52e25369525ac50a350f5c701e9cbf04.jpg]

I measured it 15x10x4. Anybody has the original MST? Please hp....

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Ok. Quick update. I put a little shim in there. It seems to have solved the problem...[Image: 6abca7ae0f0c13b3611fbd48c35a1b47.jpg]

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