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MST FS-01D vs MS-01D
The ssg carbon decks are changed for more flex, which they tried to incorporate from the FS-01D, did you read the article about it? for 455$ I don't think you can go wrong... it may not include the Fow and cs kit, but it still keeps the overall cost around 500$ if you ordered them with it. Just thought I'd point out its Version 2 of MS-01D.
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Thanks for the tip!! I read into it but I'm still pulling toward the VIP. it's already completely hopped up and I don't want to be spending extra money down the road. Yea it's 150 cheaper but look at the parts list and compare it to the VIP. I think I will be spending more money down the line on the GT.
thats only if you feel you "need" those hopups.. most people run there ms01d-pros and have taken them to the finals at comps and have no need to upgrade them to full "vip" status
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Ok I'll keep that in mind if they end up having the GT in Akiba this weekend. I'll compare the two and see which one feels right. Thanks for all the tips everyone. I really appreciate it!!!
Awesome comments guys, this thread helped heaps!
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