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MST FXX-D S :: Suspension setup help

I'm setting up my FXX-D S's suspension but I figured out that, as is, you can't really setup anything on it...

So I was trying to figure out how to get Camber set having, at the same time, some toe out (front wheels).
You can get some camber by changing the KPI angle (KPI right?), but, since the turnbuckles can't be set up, the car got, at the same time, a ridiculous toe-in...

And to get some toe-out, you could get no camber and the steering angle would be reduced as well.

Since I got the chassis this week and don't have money for upgrades  XD I picked my TT-01's turnbuckles, cutted them and got them fitted on the FXX.

After setting them up, I finally got toe-out, camber and a good steering angle... The car now drifts like a charm!
The inner tire is flat while turning and the outer one touches only a bit...
BUT the ackerman's angle bothers me a bit...

Should I get bother or not? Is it good what i've done?


[Image: s3HwBUVa.jpg] [Image: CYnuecji.jpg] [Image: XiKUjrJt.jpg] [Image: i575Ojyz.jpg] [Image: jusabvRl.jpg] [Image: GdDHn3Jg.jpg] [Image: Lu5kVKvh.jpg]

a friend of me was working with the fxx-d s steering geometry. His solution was a Knuckle extension from the TA05 VDF which is used as an extension of the steering arms (in the picture it is a silver part). that's all what i can tell you the rest is what you need to try out. but it should be possible to copy some features out of my photo.


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.jpg   uploadfromtaptalk1413990136455.jpg (Size: 127.57 KB / Downloads: 65)

[Image: SVD-35G.jpg]

no i mean the removable Tamiya part with the number 19804423.
There should be also parts from eagle racing which have the same form.

Oh... I see it now! XD

Thanks. I'll try that for sure!
no problem :) it's probably easiest and best steering mod of the fxx-d s that i have ever seen.
So, I just made some "quick and dirt" extensions XD

[Image: Nhg2JNIG.jpg] [Image: vMifYZBt.jpg]

It doesn't really increased the steering angle... However, it corrected the ackerman's angle, which is nice.

I'll take more time now and build something properly. I'll make them longer too, see what happens. =)
can you make some Screenshots of points where you have your steering arms mounted and the holes in the Knuckles?
here some additional information.

1. use the hole in the knuckle like on my vip in this picture below.

2. use the rear mounting position of the steering arms on the lower chassis deck

do this before you change your extensions!

that could increase the possible angle

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.jpg   uploadfromtaptalk1414006506243.jpg (Size: 592.61 KB / Downloads: 59)
Hey maxx!
The steering was mounted on the rear mounting position and about the knuckle, it was where you have yours.

So, i build some, slightly bigger, extensions, changed the mounting position to front and voila! ^^
I'll take them off, sand them and might paint them while waiting for some aluminium extensions.

I now have the max steering angle. The wheels barely touch the springs Lol

However, I noticed that the plastic steering rack deforms under the "push", so the wheels turn more to the left, than to the tight... =S

[Image: u7Q9lC4E.jpg] [Image: NL9001ep.jpg] [Image: 3W8hmFMX.jpg] [Image: cRZc8zYG.jpg] [Image: 2qq3LeuG.jpg]

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