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Just got this in the mail today they tried to deliver yesterday. Wasn't supposed to be here for two more weeks so I was pleasantly surprised. [Image: 3a18a57631e9bd944ee11797fbe330d0.jpg][Image: 6e52e61fecd96af5c0338fed431cca86.jpg][Image: 13c5c5dee710652414dcbf71def6c670.jpg][Image: 0e6d08fa2aca850742839ca471e8fa09.jpg][Image: 7c710b889296af9ad3c739ebd7c44659.jpg][Image: fb748d758b6dee6261f8d978e8b379fb.jpg][Image: 31bf340359cff0c2854101d3eafeeedc.jpg]

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So second day drifted it into a car dolly in the shop at work and broke the rear wishbone cup. Ordered aluminum upgrade but glue old part in the mean time. Worked for a night then broke again today in a crack in my driveway. [Image: 2812dc7cb73955405c392ba63c73efdf.jpg][Image: 8e8dd673cb886dc431a993c2b17bf16e.jpg]

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Mine broke fairly easy, I also ordered the aluminium rear spool. Looks better as it matches the front one way

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