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Mustang HPI 1969 Apocalipse Stop and Die work in progress
Helow my name is Michael and I'm from Poland.

I'm working on a projekt for about a month, still it's not perfectly done yet....
I would like to show you my car and the photos from building it. I'm not a profi car body builder, it's my first project like this. Hope you like it and stay tund for updates.

This is with what did a start with
[Image: 14j4ubk.jpg]

I have inspirations form internet end films to do a APOCALIPS CAR.

And i have start to build it :D

[Image: 2zznmlx.jpg]
[Image: 29wwuwk.jpg]
[Image: 30mpsup.jpg]
[Image: nb9mxl.jpg]
[Image: 28i19go.jpg]
[Image: m7f5mt.jpg][Image: 9zvnme.jpg]
[Image: 70aukk.jpg]

[Image: mj4v9u.jpg]
[Image: sg4hew.jpg]
[Image: 2clvko.jpg]
[Image: 33c0j8h.jpg]
[Image: 11tlge9.jpg]
[Image: yhuop.jpg]
[Image: 2zizrs1.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6994.jpg]
[Image: oqd56o.jpg]
[Image: 10cr8tz.jpg]
[Image: abaxh.jpg]

[Image: 10zoemd.jpg]
[Image: eb6ma9.jpg]
[Image: 2gydgms.jpg]
[Image: 280sl09.jpg]

And many other details will come :D
[Image: 2lc8ayf.jpg]
And this is my minigun, still working on it
Fantastic, absolutely love it.
hahahahahahah this is awesome shit great build man haha big smiles over here in the east coast will be looking forward to seeing this done u should get some extra rims an maybe rust one or 2 maybe murda em out to fit the body big thumbs up bud
rc isn't a hobby...its an addiction and im a addict lol..... Sick
That's friggen badass.
Looks brilliant matey
so sick!
This is the end ....

Project almoust done
Sick as fuh!!!
Today i have made rims for my car, and this is the end of this project .

[Image: 2j2xqtl.jpg]

[Image: 257oj0h.jpg]

[Image: zl6pu0.jpg]

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