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my ever growing scale garage
so I've been busy this winter stepping  up my scale garage game.  

I just had a scale lift 3d printed and am currently working on finding a company to print  me a bunch so I can make it available to the general public.  

All the scale items in my garage except for the 2 post lift are hand made by me.

[Image: 20150329_150919_zpsbnjoukja.jpg]

[Image: 20150329_125821_zps2byqzk2k.jpg]

[Image: 20150402_171554_zpsbtraio7r.jpg]

[Image: 20150402_171439_zpshu6z8lfj.jpg]

[Image: 20150402_163401_zps7h6ewxww.jpg]

here's how the lift looked after it was printed, before paint.

[Image: 20150401_071913_zpsetusi29a.jpg]
That is awesome! When you find a company that will make sure to let us know!

Looks great!! ehats left or is it complete??
Looks great! this just inspired me to make one !
I started making some bits over the weekend
[Image: 18f5c358c0a1571a8dbe195a097ff914.jpg]
Ivegonemad- it's not complete, I still have other things I want to make for it.
Great idea. Do you have a platform where you sell them?
Wow. you're talented! I think my son wouldn't mind something like this. Congrats, it looks great and also very realistic. Do you sell them or it's just a hobby? My garage is my place of refuge and I recently got some nice doors installed by so now, It completely furnished and equipped. It would be interesting to have a miniature of my garage on a shelf or something, as a decor. This would make it even more personalized and original. Let me know if you're doing them on demand.

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