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My first R/C drifter!!
Hi, I am new to the forums as well as the hobby. I've been doing lots of research on what my first R/C drifter should be. I've singled it down to two cars.
The Madspeed Drift King
The HPI E10 drift
Are these good choices?? Are there any other cars that I should add to this list (My budget is anything around or under $250 USD)
Your help will be appreciated greatly.
Thanks!  =)
Of those two the HPI would be my choice. Add the Sakura D4, Yokomo Drift Package Plus Type C and MST FXX (RWD) / MST XXX (AWD) to that list and do some research.
The mst ms-01D would be a better option its around 300 tho but its way better than the drift king and the E10

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My first drifter was an E10 and I enjoyed it for about 10 minutes and wanted to sell it. I was a noob but the amount of tweaking I could do was limited. With the budget you have, you can get a decent chassis that you can hold on to until you want to upgrade.
MST XXX-D VIP w\ Novak Drift Spec Combo

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