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My Sakura D4 RWD chassie
Totally rookie to RC drifting. Wanted to start a budget RC drift build after many years of track-racing irl.

Ordered a Sakura D4 RWD to make a clone of my old Skyline GT-R34. After the first night of assembling the upgrade devil made an approach....

For now the car has;
- Boom racing front and rear knuckles
- Boom racing steering
- Boom racing front and rear bulkhead
- Boom racing front and rear bulkhead cover
- Boom racing castor mount
- 3 racing upper arms
- 3 racing gear ratio
- 3 racing invisible mounts
- 3 racing hex adaptors 5mm and 7mm
- 3 racing servo mount
- 3 racing front single damper
- Carbon fibre upper deck
- Carbon fibre front and rear shock mounts
- Carbon fibre front cover
- Yeah racing aluminium case
- Yeah racing aluminium spur gear support plate
- Metal 48P spur pully gear 92T

- Speed passion Reventon R esc
- Speed passion Dokyo drift 10.5 brushless sensored motor
- Slidelogy Gyro

- Savöx Sc-1257 digital

- Sanwa MT4s

- Vant battery 5200 mah LiPo 7.2V

I am in the middle of assembly and have not tested all yet. Why I started the upgrades so soon is because i felt that the original kit lacked some quality of many parts and If i want a car to handle well many of the parts need to be replaced.
[Image: IMG_20160820_074557.jpg]

[Image: 20160809_174153.jpg]
More Pictures.

The rear is now updated with the new parts:

[Image: IMG_20160823_235559.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20160824_000550.jpg]

The chassie. Tested to mount the front ic and rear exhaust temporary:

[Image: IMG_20160824_110620.jpg]
Very nice, doesn't take long for the upgrade bug to hit. Coming along very nicely.

Yes the upgrade parts is pretty cheap so it´s a far more nicer feeling to the wallet than tuning a real car :-D
More parts is on the way. Single damper kit in front and some other stuff.

The gyro works real nice and the tuning of the car is processing forward.

Carbon fibre is pretty B)

[Image: IMG_20160829_155748.jpg]
some updates

[Image: IMG_20160914_140916.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20160903_090352_1.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20160912_212929.jpg]

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