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Need Advice For Drift Build - $800 Budget
(06-30-2016, 12:34 PM)Druid Wrote:  
(06-30-2016, 12:19 PM)davidarq Wrote:  Get the 13.5 and then you will adjust it down as you see fit.

Thanks David!

I appreciate all the help guys! I think I'm pretty satisfied with my selections.

Now I need a body. Do MST chassis work with Tamiya bodies? or where do I go for that?

And LEDs too!

Bodies are kind of generic, so you have lots of choices out there. The widths of the bodies come in 180mm, 190mm and 200mm. The most common ar the two latter. Now, the width depends on the tires you use. If you use stock tires that are usually 3mm offset, you might want to go with a 190mm body. You just want to make sure that the body isn't much wider and the wheels look pushed in. Almost all the bodies I have are 190mm with the exception of a BMW which is 200mm. Hope it help.

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Thanks David

I was looking for bodies and I realized that the chassis looks like it doesn't include body mounts? or are they included, just not shown?

If they are, would these stealth mounts work?


According to the manual, the RMX should come with body posts. Those stealth mount should work fine with it.

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Thanks David, Vic and rcmaster1976 for all the help - just ordered everything today.

First time ordering from China so I assume it will all be here in about 2 weeks. 

I'll post pictures when it gets in! 

Thanks again guys!

Hey guys, I never got around to posting any info on my build so here's a few pictures from the past few months.

The shipment arrives!

[Image: IMG_2348.jpg]

Just look at it.

[Image: IMG_2353.jpg]

This part I was a little concerned about but it went very well!

[Image: IMG_2362.jpg]

The completed shocks.

[Image: IMG_2368.jpg]

I had done some research before I committed to soldering any wires to the motor or esc. I thought I had taken some other pictures of the progress of soldering but I ended up soldering bullet connectors to the wires. I found a post online where someone used bullet connectors and based it off of that. I personally think this is better for purposes of changing motors or esc's out in the future. Hey and it looks pretty cool too!

[Image: IMG_2785.jpg]

Now it's ready to run!

[Image: IMG_2781.jpg]

Now for the body - Ferrari 599. 

I did A LOT of research on what bodies looked good and finally settled on this one with the attempt of making it look like this one on eBay.

Ferrari 599 EBAY

This is it painted black before I removed the outer protectant film.

[Image: IMG_2479.jpg]

Okay so the one on eBay has a matte finish. I experimented with flat paint but it will scratch and does not look that good. So, I ordered a small roll of VViViD black matte vinyl on amazon for around $10 and it worked very very good. Plus that stuff is extremely durable - excellent for learning... 

[Image: IMG_2483.jpg]

Here it is after 3 days of work (12 hours or so). Vinyl on RC can be a very tedious job. I think it turned out very well!

[Image: IMG_2490.jpg]

Can't forget the backside.

[Image: IMG_2495.jpg]

LIGHTS! I didn't attach a photo but I had to ream out another hole for the turn signal and it looks pretty legit. 

[Image: IMG_2778.jpg]

Just look at that magnificent thing.

[Image: IMG_2777.jpg]


[Image: IMG_2775.jpg]

Seriously, this car has probably taken too much time to be worth having but, I absolutely love drifting this thing.

[Image: IMG_2768.jpg]

Thanks again to everyone for all the suggestions - It really helped out a lot!

Now all I need it some advice on how to drift...

Hope you guys enjoy the photos!


Thanks for showing us your progress. That wrapped body looks pretty good and I hope you have a great time out there!

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  • Yokomo DPR (Hayato Yoshiba Spec)
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Love the kit you got, and the body. Thanks for the updates.

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