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Need help ecu hsp drift car
So I have had one of those hsp flying fish 1:10 drift cars for a while and it's been all good and fine. Until one day when my car got stuck on full acceleration and went strait into someone else's garage. After this my wheels would just twitch and not turn properly when I turned it on. I gave it to a local RC repair guy who said he had to ship in a new ecu for Germany or something. Anyway all was good again until my mate dropped it and the same thing happened but the guy i got in contact to has seemed to have dissapeared of the face of the planet. 

So my main question
Because I now have this problem again does anyone know where I can find a replacement preferably a replacement of the stock one but if anyone has any other suggestions any advice is welcome

The picture attached is a picture of the exact one 

Thanks, Jack

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You can check it on google.
Its called an esc and you have a brushed one and there a dime a dozen and pretty cheap

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