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Need help with a new build. I'm new to RC.
I'm building a 3Racing Sakura D4 RWD and decided to go with sanwa electronics. So far I have bought...

1. Sanwa super vortex type d esc
2. Sanwa SRG-LS servo
3. Sanwa RX-472 4ch receiver
4. Sanwa SGS-01D Gyro

I'm in need of a lipo Battery and a motor. Any suggestions?
It will be used for drifting.
I'm not very up to speed on brands etc most people seem to run 10.5 turn to 13.5 turn motors and I'd go brushess if you have the budget

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You can find any battery by size on Hobbyking, they are cheap and hold up pretty well, just remember NOT to drive they to the ground in the voltage below 3.3-3.4.

By motor some say it matters what engine to use, some have more power and some have more torque, but in general they say that if it's a small track, like a basement or garage track, a 13.5t +/- gearing are best.

If the track is large, like an onroad track, go for the 10.5t for some more power.

For me i use a Skyrc ESC and on my 4wd a LRP X11 10.5t and on my Rwd i've got the same Esc and uses a Speed Passion v3 10.5t (Not the best, but was the only spare motor i had)

Most important, use a motor with sensor, that will help you in the long run with smoother power delivery.
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