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New Drifter
Lol hell yeah even a Sprint2 is better than E10

They used to sell E10 in a box with HPI bodyset and 2 sets of wheels & tyres... and priced at CHEAPER than buying those wheels/tyres/body separately... in essence HPI was paying you to buy the E10. Haha they were handy for displaying show shells on... cheaper than buying "dummy" plasticard chassis too.

(05-29-2015, 02:00 AM)evo8_99 Wrote:  I would just get rid of the chassis and keep the shell but my problem is that I don't have the money right to now to upgrade to an Sprint 2

I didn't say E10 ain't fine to just keep using, enjoy it all you can

Just DON'T GO THROWING MONEY AT IT IN HOPE OF MAKING IT ANY BETTER, you can't Sick and you'll be much better off SAVING that money to go towards your next better chassis.

If you have to buy something, stick to better radio gear or motor/ESC or batteries or charger... stuff you can keep using later on.

It's just common sense... but yo money, yolo.
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(05-30-2015, 08:16 AM)TraneDrift Wrote:  I wouldn't call a sprint 2 an upgrade. I started with the sprint 2 had it for maybe a month before I said "time for a real drifter." And so I went with ms01d pro. The sprint 2 is and upgrade from an e-10 yeah but still isn't gonna get you much farther unless you put a lot of money into.


What's a good upgrade then dude?

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MST ms01 d whether it be the pro (which I went to) or the s or rtr. Either way a purpose built drift chassis is better than the sprint 2. If you look into Afro rc club he will get a sprint 2 to drift amazingly but as he has said it take some money to do it. I'd say go with a MST, but that's just my opinion.

While I am certainly no expert I do believe that you can learn how to drift with your current rig. Try not to be offended by informed folks giving you the low down on your first purchase. Listen to them!! They will save you a ton of cash in the long run!! I have the MST MS-01D RTR and while there are a ton of upgrades I have chosen to use it in stock form just learning to drive!! My first upgrade for this car will be a real radio. A good radio will work in any rig as you progress. So I say, drive that baby into the ground!! Save your cash and research which chassis you may want to buy next. From a total N00B here!! Keep it sideways!!!
I have a Sprint 2, it's a lot of fun, and can be modified a lot. We do see a lot of them @ Afros, and we know them well. But if you are buying a new chassis, I'd probably suggest that you save up the $$$ for the MST MS01D RTR. It's a very capable Drift chassis, that is very adjustable out of the box.
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