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New drifter, SoCal.
Hello all,

New drifter, I would like to thank every one in advance for your assistance in the future. Ok, now that that is outta the way. I am new to the rc drift world. And have realized, the learning curve is fairly steep. I purchased what I could afford, for my son and myself. It's no fun when ya only got on rc car. I know that bottom barrel rc is not the way to go, in th long run. We all have to start some where.



ps, looking forward to reading up on the drift scene. Whole lotta catching up to do.
get in with your Local hobby shop see what groups they have goin on, that can be a great way to make some connections and get into the scene
For you and your son Id suggest starting off with an rtr, like Savage said if you can find a local hobby shop you can find varieties of options and get ideas for local clubs. Welcome to you and your son!

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Agree with the other posts. Get the sprint2 drift. Great starter setup.
Where in So-Cal? Im in San Diego
Sorry for the long pause in activity, that darned "life gets in the way" thing happens to us all. So I took the plunge, budget minded. I purchased 2 artr HK Mission-D gtr drift cars and electronic stuff, radio was HK, but battery was local purchase.

Yes I know they are clones, and what they are cloned from. I know that the HK spare parts are no good. But, i say this with good reason. But the clone does accept all of the Yokomo parts, and there is a local shop that carries Yokomo parts. For what I believe to be a reasonable price point. They do know that I bought clones, yes they gave me a good ribbing for it. And yes they want my money.

So, update. The cars are built, servo and esc installed, body By all accounts the rear spool should have busted in the first 10 min. painted (humor needed on that). just add radio and battery, and drift. well try any how. It actually lasted the first charge, and broke during the second battery. Replaced with an all metal unit for Yokomo, and it went so well I did the same for the second before putting a battery in it.

these are truly cheap kits. but for weekend bashing, they are good enough to get a handle on the hobby.

Soon I will be upgrading one to CS, and buying another one for my daughter. she picked it up quicker than I did.

Thank you for your ideas, the local shops are very helpful.

Driftnoob1904 I am in El Cajon, and I currently bash at Magnolia elementary on greenfield dr. mostly on Saturdays. send me a pm to hook up.

thank you all

Hey and welcome
Thanks Skylinedrifter


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