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New Guy from Houston
What's up Guys.
I am located in Houston Texas and caught the bug for rc Drifting.
it is a lot cheaper then my track car by far lol

my wife purchased and HPI sprint 2 a few years back for a Christmas gift. 
but never messed with it because the stock battery's suck.
and found out that the chassis is a dead end chassis.
so i will be posting it up for sale. CHEAP!

last week i happened to stumble across a indoor track in the SW side that is really dope "RC Drift Garage".
I didn't want to leave. and the people there were down to earth and bad ass.

Needless to say i walked out with a sakura D4 chassis.
i spent 6 hours yesterday building it, that was exhausting and a blast at the same time. haha

now i need to paint my Pandora mark II chaser body. and get to the track so i can start tuning.
I will be asking a bunch of questions that a quick google search cant help me with.
Welcome from another Texan!  =)

I live in Austin, but travel to Houston frequently for work so I'm often at RCG.  Love that place and Stan is such a nice guy....likewise for all of the other fellas who hang out there!  I'll be there again tomorrow evening if you're in the area and want to run some laps.

You picked a great platform with the D4, in my opinion.  Great with minimal aftermarket parts, cheap, but can be hopped up as much or as little as you'd like.....or as your budget allows. ;)  If you have any questions, definitely post them up.  And post up pics of your car, too!

If I don't see you at RCG tomorrow, I'm sure I'll see you there eventually. LOL!  Just look for the grey Corolla wagon.  B)
thank's man.

yeah Stan is really cool. he helped me out a lot.
Are there any tracks in Austin?

It was either the Yokohama or the D4 and i went with the D4 because i wanted to save a little money so i can go with a good motor, gyro, and receiver.

What is a good quality brushless motor and gyro setup?
going to pick up an MT-4S receiver for now.
i will upgrade down the road.

for the shell i purchased a Pandora Toyota mark II jzx100. for paint will be a holographic flake with a royal purple base.

sorry I will not be able to make it out tomorrow night because i have to finish a customers car.
In the middle of installing a 2jz into a 240sx vert at the moment.
i am juggling work full time and i own a shop with my friend at night and also have an 8 month old daughter.
and now rc drifting. lol
but i am sure i will see you around.
Wooh! More houston people!!:D
Hpi E10.CSD
Sakura D4 RWD
[Image: 2rcoa6e.jpg]
This thing came out better than I expected. I will post the details for everything I put on the chassis you later.
[Image: 300ekw9.jpg]
Looking good, man!

To answer your earlier questions, there's no permanent tracks in Austin right now. We just set up in people's garages for the most part. And if you're running a Sanwa MT4S, there's no need to upgrade. That's a great system (it's alway what I run). And it looks like you've got some good electronics in there now!

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