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New Guy in the state
Hi all, 

I am the new guy in Arizona. To my knowledge, I am the ONLY guy trying drifting here.  I have been to MANY shops around my area and everyone races dirt cars. So I am going this allone trying to start a new trend. 

ANY help is GREATLY appreciated.. 

Welcome to the foums and to drifting. I started drifting about a month or so ago. Started with a used AWD Hpi Sprint 2. Learned to do donuts and as progressed to figured 8's then I went to our local drift track. The majority of the guys there are running RWD, I liked the way they looked so I purchased a Yokomo YD-2 RWD which is a kit so I added the motor and electronics. I basiclly had to unlearn what I had learned in AWD, and let the gyro so the countersteer work. It took a little bit but now I'm doing decent donuts of different sizes and speeds. RWD seems to the direction that drifting is going so I would suggest getting a RWD and start that way. There is a learning curve but there is a learning curve with AWD too. Personally I would stay away from the AWD converted to RWD and get a chassis that was designed as RWD.

RWD RC drifting looks pretty much like 1:1 drifting, where AWD doesn't
Exceed RC MadPulse awd

Thanks for the welcome reply, It's good to know someone actually reads my post.. :)

I looked hard at both AWD and RWD. The feeling I got was that AWD was easier to learn on and where most start. Everywhere I read, RWD was much harder to do. However, that being said. I have been shopping around for a RWD setup. Figure I'll go there eventually so might as well pick one up.

Thanks again. Keep it sideways.. :)

welcome to the forum, i started drifting officially last month, i went the awd direction with my hsp flying fish. i did donuts for about 30 mins before i went and slid everywhere with no objective but moving forward. i got really addicted i have 4 bodies and 6 sets of wheels. i had a temporary rwd when my front cv axle snapped. Gramps is right go for a chassis that was designed to be rwd. Awd TO RWD conversion was way to loose handling for me as a beginner.

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