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new hobbywing brushless esc & motor combo possible issues
Here is the whole story, looking for advice or input on what to do here.

I got an rwd drift car for last christmas and haven't driven it much because it burned up my motor I was borrowing from another car. I put the battery, 2s lipo 4200, on the charger and it didn't last long, about 20 minutes and showed full charge. at this point I do not recall if the battery had swelled up, it wasn't warm to the touch and i just don't remember if it had swelled up at this point.

While it was charging I soldered a deans onto the black and red of the esc, a capacitor is already attached from manufacturer. I have double and triple checked, i don't have my red and blacks crossed. When I plugged it in I just made a little contact and it sparked and smoked at connection. It never sparked with my other esc. At this point I noticed the battery had swelled up.

I am looking for input on what to do next. Do I return the esc as a faulty one? Do I buy a new battery on the assumption mine was bad and swelled up before i ever tried with the new esc? I know i need a new battery regardless but i don't want to plug it in to this esc if it is bad and just ruin another battery.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or ideas you all may have.

HobbyWing Quicrun 10BL120 sensored with a HobbyWing Quicrun 3650SD G2. The battery is a Gens Ace 4200 2s lipo

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