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New member in cold state of Minnesota
Hello drifters and RC junkies. I fell across a website and it all started from there, Blackstarhobbies.
Coming from the scaler side I was familiar with building Rc. Note: the chassis I picked was suggested on website not for beginners, lol that only intrigued me. Well after a few months into, I've accumulated most upgrades to a already upgraded fxx. The only problem I've come across is my esc of choice. Having trouble installing the Acuvance tool setup on my Windows 8.0 laptop and updating. Have all the update parts required for it. Just having trouble installing the driver required to install. Yeah blah blah I know it's boring info. Well maybe this will give you morning wood.

Must learn new language! ¥

[Image: ca0eb7549943e6827d3d82ac113a0d78.jpg][Image: d153ff1d82c408860c4302619d518857.jpg][Image: c1160fd037d5879a75339735616e56ac.jpg][Image: ad0f19c407261ddc70425811a7bcd67c.jpg][Image: 45aa5ac20e254769e3093a46795fce31.jpg]
[Image: cb559df3b4ffaa74e671822868c93782.jpg]

This is what I normally build
[Image: d86f3a34e6272fb29d60ef5ff6739b75.jpg][Image: 3c77072f1906ac9520d0d210162370bd.jpg]
Not sure if I should post here but here is my new Overdose XEX build. Looking forward to converting this to rwd. Parts are on the way.
[Image: d62826dbfc44d5bb6f4bc949aba298d9.jpg][Image: 37ae149df0f68ee6887ec7bb088b5d32.jpg][Image: 2488a11963f03b2c5ab3029307e5a21f.jpg]
Xex is a roller for now, next will be tuning suspension on both. [Image: ad33450c9e53fa33bd4c2e27305426e3.jpg][Image: b43221da09818714b682090fea08d0ac.jpg]
[Image: 0b494f5b2f6e45783c613e5e5b46895d.jpg]

Need an idea, what kind of gearing others maybe using.
You should buy a tto2 gold version ;)
(02-28-2016, 09:37 PM)Purptr8r Wrote:  You should buy a tto2 gold version ;)

You never gave me a price
I told you buy me the purple one and I'll send you my gold one and 25 bucks so it'd be 225 you said you had bills lol it I still love you
(02-28-2016, 09:40 PM)Purptr8r Wrote:  I told you buy me the purple one and I'll send you my gold one and 25 bucks so it'd be 225 you said you had bills lol it I still love you

Ahh such as luck, purple sold out :(

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